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Clubs & Organizations

Coming this fall is the all new Check I'm Here app! The app will contain additional information about student clubs, provide a detailed event calendar for all student club events, and give you the opportunity to keep track of your involvement outside of the classroom.  More information will be posted in the fall. 

Below is a list of the clubs and organizations available at Manhattanville College. For more information on a club listed below please contact the Office of Student Activities at or stop by Founders Hall Room G 33. 

  • Adventures In the Kitchen

    This cooking club brings students together to make food and desserts and offering a wide range of varieties when it comes to cooking in the kitchen. Students will learn technique and creative ways to prepare food that is healthy and delicious. 

  • Art

    This club promotes and encourages an appreciation for art by raising awareness of existing art both on and off campus, restoration of existing art,  and creation of new art.

  • ​Breaking the Silence

    This club provides programs and education about the various forms of sexual violence that exist in the world. There are campus and other resources provided during the programs to aid in the healing process. 

  • Campus Activity Board (CAB)

    CAB is the student run programming board that is responsible for Student Appreciation Days as well as night and weekend programs. 

  • Catholic Student Association(CSA)

    This club supports and celebrates the Catholic faith, morals and friendship of the Catholic student/faculty/staff community on campus by providing academic and service learning opportunities. 

  • CrescendBros

    The Crescendbros is Manhattanville's all male acappella singing and performance club. Auditions are required to join.

  • Dance Ensemble (MDE)

    This is a non-audition based dance club on campus. The club aims to serve as a creative outlet for choreographers and dancers alike and offers students the opportunity to showcase their talents through both small and large group numbers.

  • Dance Troupe

    Dance Troupe performs at major school events and is involved in community service events. The team strives to bring performing arts to the college in as many ways as possible.

  • Dotcom

    This club provides supplementary education in software development and helping students find the resources they need to complete projects. 

  • EMF Club

    This cluib helps to create a network for students interested in Economics, Finance, and Management. The club builds a network with professors and alumni through discussion of the latest news in the industry.The club sponsors off-campus trips/conferences, panels with guest speakers, and meetings to discuss current events.
  • Entrepreneurs

    This club provides students the opportunity to learn the key elements of entrepreneurship and creating a business. The club provides workshops that will teach students various ways how to manage their finances which provide opportunities to network within the college.

  • Futbol Club

    This club introduces American "soccer" through exhibition games and informational/training sessions on how to play the game. 

  • Gamer's Guild 

    This club welcomes  all gamers on the spectrum of casual to professional and encourages a healthy and competitive environment for all gamers.

  • Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA)

    This club creates a positive environment on Manhattanville College campus for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, ethnicities, and backgrounds. GSA strives to increase awareness and acceptance of LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Transsexual, and Questioning/Queer) culture, as well as issues on the campus and off campus through educational and innovative events.

  • Gilbert & Sullivan Players

    This club educates the Manhattanville College campus about Gilbert and Sullivan through performances and discussions on campus along with trips to off-campus performances. 

  • Graffiti Magazine

    A literary magazine serving as a creative outlet for Manhattanville College undergraduates. 

  • Hillel 

    Hillel's mission is to enrich the lives of Jewish undergraduate students. Hillel student, professional and lay leaders are dedicated to creating a pluralistic, welcoming and inclusive environment for Jewish college students where they are encouraged to grow intellectually, spiritually and socially.

  • History 

    This club encourages the appreciation of history through discussions, lectures, and club activities.

  • International Student Organization (ISO)

    This club provides awareness of the global community through educational and social programs which builds community on campus. 

  • Latin American Student Organization (LASO)

    This club familiarizes the Manhattanville community on Latin American and South American culture, life style, government and politics.

  • Manhattanville Sound

    Manhattanville's all-female accapella singing and performance club. Auditions are required to join.

  • Minds in Motion (MIMO)

    This is exclusively a hip-hop club whose goal is to inform and teach the campus about the different styles of hip-hop through performances and educational sessions. Auditions are required to join.

  • Music Industy Club (MIC)

    This club helps students gain insight and experience in the music industry through speakers and off-campus trips. 

  • Muslim Student Association (MSA)

    The club enhance the quality of life within the Manhattanville community by exposing students and faculty to the philosophy, culture, and traditions of Islamic culture. It will provides a safe space for expressing views and ideas, clearing any misconceptions and stereotypes, and open a forum for intellectual discussions through meetings and co-sponsored events with other clubs and organizations on campus.

    MVL Radio Station (click to access live stream)

    The campus station streams live broadcasts near 15 hours a day/5 days a week. The station also hosts various events through the year and collaborates to provide music for other clubs and campus events. 

  • National Association for Music Educators(McNAFME)

    This club provides the musician-educator with resources, seminars, and events that will prepare them for their work in the field.

  • Royalty Steppers

    This club performs at campus events and provides educational opportunities for those who want to learn more about this art form. 

  • Rugby Club

    This club provides introduction, teaching, promotion, encouragement, understanding, and extension of the game of Rugby Union Football in all its aspects, within the community.

  • Students of Caribbean Affiliation (SOCA)

    This club promotes knowledge of global dilemmas, especially the Caribbean culture, life style, government and politics.

  • Student Government Association (SGA)

    This organization  is the voice of the student body which works in collaboration with faculty, staff, and administrators to make sure student needs are being addressed.

  • Touchstone Campus Newspaper

    This student run online newspaper contains stories regarding on campus, community, and global events. 

  • The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

    This club advocates the goal of UNICEF to save childrens' lives through programs and fundraising opportunities.